HYSTERIC PANIC (ヒステリックパニック)


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Updated – 1st August 2019


HYSTERIC PANIC (ヒステリックパニック) are a 5 piece band, based in Nagoya, made up of ともパニ (Tomopani) [Vocals], Tack朗 (Tack) [Guitar and Vocals], $ EIGO [Guitar and Vocals], おかっち (Okatchi) [Bass],  やっち (Yatchi) [Drums].  Forming in 2012 as friends from high school, they have only kept going from there. Currently signed to Victor Entertainment, a major label in Japan, and also independent label Black Sheep Records. At the time of writing they have released 2 albums, 2 mini-album and 1 EP, with a third album set to be released in September 2019. In terms of overseas shows, they did play show in the U.S. a couple of years ago and will be performing in Switzerland for Aki No Matsuri, but no UK shows as of yet.


To describe this band’s sound is not an easy task… Usually a band will mix two genres to make themselves stand out. HYSTERIC PANIC on the other hand mix at least four. Yep, smashing together metal, punk, pop and rap, with a bit of ska in their newer work. A combination I never thought would work but they seriously pull it off. Their songs seemingly move between the styles effortlessly. In particular, easing you in with a catchy pop chorus to throw in a metal breakdown. Still they mix it up and bring the different styles together in interesting ways. If anything, this band is just a laugh, you don’t need to understand Japanese to pick up the jokey nature. Even some songs poke fun at clichés in the genre, such as the over the top breakdown in うそつき (Liar) making them a really fun band to listen to.

The vocals you can imagine are interesting, they effectively use the different variations to ensure the songs don’t sound samey and mix it up. You have $ EIGO’s vocals which are more traditional Pop Rock, then Tack朗 who has a very high pitch voice that strangely works to keep those catchy hooks in your head. ともパニ  on the other hand does the screaming vocals, rap, and some of the clean vocals. I won’t lie, when I first heard them when Cinderella Syndrome came on J-Melo, you can imagine my surprise the man who was rapping one verse ago was the one screaming. This is not to under play all the other instruments are fundamental in the changes between genres, each style is played effortlessly.

Hysteric Panic are something a lot more than normal metalcore for sure. This is what I love about this band, how fun and different they are. I can’t really compare them to anyone else. If anything it is like Babymetal fused with Zebrahead, but that’s as close as it gets. They are truly something unique, and to be honest something the West definitely needs to mix up the metal genre.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Shut Up!
  2. うそつき。(Liar.)
  3. シンデレラ・シンドローム (Cinderella Syndrome)
  4. Adrenaline
  5. Venom Shock


Physical copies are import only. Their first 2 albums and EP are is available via their bandcamp. Currently there is a deal to buy it all for ¥4,240 (roughly £30). On iTunes you can buy all their discography (minus their first album).


Website  –   Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook


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